August Update

Bible First Online

In the past, when coaches were grading their student's lessons, they had to juggle a separate answer key, or just remember all the answers in their head! But those days are coming to an end. Josh recently implemented a new feature that displays the correct answer to a question alongside the student's answer.

However, the system can only display a correct answer if it has one to display. Which is where I come in! I've been working on adding the English answers to the system, and once I finish with English, I'll start work on Ukrainian.

Answer key

Don't remember the correct answer? We'll give you a hint!

Bible First Reprint

The reprint of Bible First is currently on hold, as our layout person recently had a baby. Here in a month or two, she plans to jump back in on the project.

Steeles Going to America

A few weeks ago, Josh was invited to speak at a family camp in the States. Then they were invited to speak at another family camp, and decided to take the whole family back for the camps and the holidays. They will be leaving on September 1 and coming back in mid-January. Before they can leave, they all need to get negative COVID tests, so pray that goes well. You can read more details on their blog.


It's been a busy month on the family front. Preserving food for the winter. Gearing up for a new school year. Enjoying the end of the summer weather. Celebrating Jonathan's birthday. Going to a church picnic and baptism. Having some work done on our apartment. Getting ready to celebrate Lydia's birthday. Lots to keep us busy!


It's cucumber season, which means lots of pickles!

July Update

Bible First Reprint

The process to reprint Bible First as a single book is moving along nicely. We just got another draft of Lesson 1. Once we get the layout solidified, the rest of the lessons should go much more quickly.

Bible First Online

We recently found out that we won't need as much legal documentation as we had originally thought, so that should hopefully speed up our timetable for releasing BFO into the wild!


On Monday, we will be sitting down with our translator to go over a laundry list of different points in the translation of Chapters 6 and 7 of By Divine Design, and then we'll get started on Chapters 8 and 9.


Based on the last ultrasound, our baby is healthy and growing well. Also, the placenta has moved up nice and high, and we are thankful for that! And one more thing, according to the ultrasound tech, we are expecting a boy! Seems hard to believe after all the girls we had at the beginning, but everyone is excited that Jonathan will have a little buddy!

This past month, we also went on a vacation with our friends, the Steeles. It was kind of a big deal as it was only the second family vacation we have ever taken! We spent four nights at a bed and breakfast in a village in the Carpathian mountains, and a great time was had by all. (Suppers were also included, and there were always enough leftovers that we never had to worry about lunch.) We had fun seeing the local sights, enjoying nature, and just spending time with friends!


Throwing rocks into the creek is the best!


The whole crew with our hostess, Anya.

June Update

Bible First Reprint

It's hard to believe that it's been a year since I reported on our plans to reprint the English Bible First lessons, but this time as a single book. The project has been simmering on the back burner, but things are finally picking up steam. I recently finished the job of correcting various typos and incorporating various suggestions that have come in since the last printing. We are working with a designer to finalize the styles for the book, and we've got someone lined up to do the layout once we are done. Hopefully we will be ready to go to press soon!

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

Thanks to Covid, there will be no Carpathian Mountain Outreach this year, but thanks to several CMO alumni, there will be a Rocky Mountain Outreach! In fact, it's going on right now! It's exciting to see how others have taken the baton and run with it!


Our biggest family news is that we are expecting a new baby!

New baby

Looks like someone is blowing bubbles in there!

The due date for the little one is sometime in late November, and so far the reports from the doctor have been mostly positive. The one thing we are keeping an eye on is the placenta. It is currently a bit low, and we are hoping and praying that it will move up and away from the cervix (as it normally does over the course of a pregnancy). At this point, all the kids are rooting for a boy!


Family picture on my birthday. I am blessed to have all these people in my life!

May Update

Bible First Online

Over the past month, we've had a few more people finish Bible First from our Pioneers group. The next step is to release BFO for use in the wild. Right now, the main thing standing in our way is that the legal side of BFO needs to be shored up. (We need terms of service, a privacy policy, and the like.) We are working with a lawyer on the issue, and should be hearing back from him sometime in the next week.

In the meantime, I've been working on filling out the support documentation that the Pioneers and other future BFO coaches will need when using the application. It's not a glamorous job, but someone's got to do it!


Now that Josh is back in Ukraine, we are making good progress on our latest translation project: By Divine Design. We are almost finished proofing Chapter 5, and then we will have the translator move on to the next couple chapters. There are 12 chapters in all, so we are nearing the halfway point!


May has finally arrived and brought its flowers with it! We have all been enjoying the warm weather, and some of us even have sunburns to prove it! Ukrainian Easter was the 2nd of May, and the kids had fun coloring eggs and baking Ukrainian Easter breads. They then gave most of the bread away to friends and neighbors, along with a few copies of Good and Evil.

Tea party

Speaking of baking, the girls baked some treats (without recipes!) and organized this tea party.