September Update

The Next Generation

What is a missionary's job? Ask 10 different people, and you'll likely get 10 different answers. Hopefully most of the answers will have to do with reaching people with the Gospel. However, this is just the first step. What happens when the missionary, for whatever reason, stops reaching people? The whole operation grinds to a halt. You see, a missionary's job is not just to reach others, but then to teach that first generation to reach the second generation.

Bible First has long been one of our main tools for reaching that first generation, but I'm happy to report that Bible First is now being used by the first generation to reach the second generation! We currently have three Ukrainian Bible First graduates that have become coaches, with more on the way! Once someone finishes the course, we ask them if they are interested in becoming a coach. If so, we teach them what they need to know, and get them started.

Please be in prayer for us as we move into this new season. Reaching the first generation is something we have been doing for awhile. Supporting the first generation as they win the second generation is something new.

Other Ministry

In addition, work continues on other fronts, like the translation of By Divine Design and web development for Bible First Online. Always plenty to do!


When the Steeles left for America earlier this month, they lent us their chest freezer. Katelin has been working hard to fill it both with produce for the winter, and meals for when the baby comes. I'm sure we've royally blown our grocery budget for the month, but no doubt it will pay for itself in the end!

Speaking of the baby, we have just two months to go. We had a good meeting with the potential birth doctor a few days ago, and everything is going well, with the exception that the baby is still not head-down. There is plenty of time left, but we would still appreciate your prayers for an upside-down baby!


Speaking of the second generation, here the second generation is learning how to help in the kitchen!