August Update

Bible First Online

In the past, when coaches were grading their student's lessons, they had to juggle a separate answer key, or just remember all the answers in their head! But those days are coming to an end. Josh recently implemented a new feature that displays the correct answer to a question alongside the student's answer.

However, the system can only display a correct answer if it has one to display. Which is where I come in! I've been working on adding the English answers to the system, and once I finish with English, I'll start work on Ukrainian.

Answer key

Don't remember the correct answer? We'll give you a hint!

Bible First Reprint

The reprint of Bible First is currently on hold, as our layout person recently had a baby. Here in a month or two, she plans to jump back in on the project.

Steeles Going to America

A few weeks ago, Josh was invited to speak at a family camp in the States. Then they were invited to speak at another family camp, and decided to take the whole family back for the camps and the holidays. They will be leaving on September 1 and coming back in mid-January. Before they can leave, they all need to get negative COVID tests, so pray that goes well. You can read more details on their blog.


It's been a busy month on the family front. Preserving food for the winter. Gearing up for a new school year. Enjoying the end of the summer weather. Celebrating Jonathan's birthday. Going to a church picnic and baptism. Having some work done on our apartment. Getting ready to celebrate Lydia's birthday. Lots to keep us busy!


It's cucumber season, which means lots of pickles!