July Update

Bible First Reprint

The process to reprint Bible First as a single book is moving along nicely. We just got another draft of Lesson 1. Once we get the layout solidified, the rest of the lessons should go much more quickly.

Bible First Online

We recently found out that we won't need as much legal documentation as we had originally thought, so that should hopefully speed up our timetable for releasing BFO into the wild!


On Monday, we will be sitting down with our translator to go over a laundry list of different points in the translation of Chapters 6 and 7 of By Divine Design, and then we'll get started on Chapters 8 and 9.


Based on the last ultrasound, our baby is healthy and growing well. Also, the placenta has moved up nice and high, and we are thankful for that! And one more thing, according to the ultrasound tech, we are expecting a boy! Seems hard to believe after all the girls we had at the beginning, but everyone is excited that Jonathan will have a little buddy!

This past month, we also went on a vacation with our friends, the Steeles. It was kind of a big deal as it was only the second family vacation we have ever taken! We spent four nights at a bed and breakfast in a village in the Carpathian mountains, and a great time was had by all. (Suppers were also included, and there were always enough leftovers that we never had to worry about lunch.) We had fun seeing the local sights, enjoying nature, and just spending time with friends!


Throwing rocks into the creek is the best!


The whole crew with our hostess, Anya.