August Update

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

CMO 2019 has been over for a little over a month now, but requests are still coming in! Over the past month, we've received a little over 40 requests for Good and Evil and Bible First. Pray for the literature going out, that it would be read and understood.

Bible First

Now that we are (mostly) recovered from CMO, we are pushing forward on new fronts! We are preparing to print Bible First in not one, but two languages.

The first printing is a reprinting of Bible First in Ukrainian. The new edition will feature a more modern design, more in line with the design of Bible First in English. Some of the earlier lessons have also been revised, and those revisions will finally make it into print. We have been wanting to do this for a long time, but have never gotten around to making it happen.

The second printing will be in Spanish, which will be the first time the whole Bible First course will be available in Spanish! Ralph Villeneuve recently finished laying out the files for printing, and we are working through the files, fixing bugs and working out all the things that will need to be in place before we go to press.

Team News

Joshua and Kelsie had their baby almost month ago, and she is a cutie! Her name is Mia, and our girls are looking forward to meeting her for the first time! (For a while, we were dealing with a stomach flu bug, and had to keep our distance. We are finally over it, though!)


I've heard a lot about record heat this summer, but we have actually had a cooler summer, and we've been enjoying it! That said, with the end of summer comes school, and Katelin and the girls are back at it. Even Briana is getting in on the action, with a bit of beginner's math! (It's mostly just for fun, as she is only 3 1/2.)


Briana enjoys one of the pretty summer days!

We recently celebrated Jonathan's first birthday. He is a big, happy boy who loves to go and do, and he keeps us on our toes. Lydia's birthday will be soon, it's hard to believe that she will be seven! These kids are growing up on us!