April Update

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

At this point, it is looking like there will be six guys coming for CMO. Four of them will be coming for the first time, and two of them are veteran CMOers from CMO 2015. We would appreciate your prayers as we prepare for CMO, as the guys will be arriving in just under three months!

Bible First

For the past couple months, Denise has been busy sending out hundreds of letters to Bible First students that have fallen off the bandwagon in past years. Her efforts have been paying off. Multiple students have returned to studying the Bible, and just this past week, a lady who signed up all the way back in 2006 finally finished the course!

We are also continuing to work on the Bible First website and the translation of Good and Evil. Pray for God to bless our efforts, as we only have three short months until CMO begins.


The biggest family news is that…

It's a boy!

It's a boy!

Despite the fact that we are entering unknown territory, we are all looking forward to meeting Little Boy Blue! There are still a couple of pregnancy-related health issues that we are working on, and we would appreciate your prayers for those.