March Update

Good and Evil

We are continuing to make progress on Good and Evil. Tolik has been polishing up his translation, the designer has been putting the text into the layout, and Josh and I have been busy supervising. ;)

Bible First

Josh and I are still working on the Bible First website. In the mean time, the proofing of the other translations continues.

Carpathian Mountain Outreach

The application deadline for CMO is April 1st. (And that's not an April Fool's joke!) So if you're planning on coming, be sure to get your application in ASAP!


The biggest family news we have is that we are expecting a new baby! Katelin is currently about 19 weeks along, and has recently started to feel the baby move. So far, she says this has been her best pregnancy yet! Still, there were a couple tests from her initial checkup that were out of line, and we would appreciate your prayers as we work on those.

New baby

So do you think the baby looks more like its mommy or its daddy? ;)

We had a good report from the doctor today regarding Lydia's eyesight. We were told that her weak eye has gotten stronger, and that she needs to keep wearing her glasses.

The rest of us have been doing our best to stay warm, during an unusually cold March. I wouldn't be surprised if we have had as much sub-freezing temperatures in March as the whole rest of winter put together. But the forecast is showing warmer weather for next week, and we are looking forward to it!