January Update

It's been a busy month over here, with the holidays, Melissa's birthday, and of course, lots of ministry. Let's dive in!

Cake time!

It's cake time!

Bible First

Regarding the Bible First website that will allow people to do Bibie First online, we have been making progress, but not as quickly as we would have liked. So this week, Josh and I will starting on another "coding marathon" like we did back in October. Every day, for a week or two, we will get together and work on the website, with the goal to get it to the point to where we can begin to use it for our own students.

When it comes to the text of Bible First, the proofing of the Spanish translation is coming along well. Also, the Russian translation is now finished! The Russian translation will need some significant proofing before it will be ready to use, but it's always exciting to hit those milestones!

Good and Evil

Tolik is currently translating Chapter 12 of Good and Evil, and Josh and I are proofing Chapter 11. Since there are only 13 chapters, we are coming down the home stretch! (Of the translation part anyway. Layout and design comes next!)

Other Stuff

Since I am ETO's treasurer, the beginning of a new fiscal year always means lots of reports and statements. I'm mostly done with all that, but I still have a bit more to go.


We recently learned that while Lydia has good vision in her left eye, her right eye's vision is actually quite poor. We are working on getting her glasses, which should hopefully help to correct the situation.

Other than that, things are going well on the family front. The kids are growing, school is going well, and after an unusually warm January, the kids are getting some good sledding in!

In case you were wondering, yes, I do speak Ukrainian. :) The church we attend usually has a mini sermon before the main sermon, and sometimes I am asked to do the mini sermon.